Jaspers Utila Animal Shelter

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We couldn’t accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you!

Please DONATE today to help us continue saving the animals of Utila.

How Your Donations Help

All donations made to the shelter are put to the benefit of all animals that come through our doors. In times of hardship, these donations mean the world of difference to the stray neighborhood kitten who searches for food, to the ill-feeling family house pet who wishes he could keep playing, and even to the nurture and well being of a puppy waiting for someone to show them love. Donate Today!

We use donations to for things such as:

Why Should I Donate to a Local Shelter

Animal shelters and rescues are amazing! Usually with limited resources and very little publicity, they help untold numbers of animals and people. Give back by choosing ways to show your appreciation for the groups that do so much for animals, people and your community.

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