Jaspers Utila Animal Shelter

Our Story

Jasper’s is a community organization on the small island of Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras. We are dedicated to helping island dogs and cats in need and to become a US Not-For-Profit organization. We operate as a small, dedicated group of volunteers who respond to animal problems to the best of our abilities.


Our Mission

We strive to provide shelter, food and care for the island street dogs and cats. And in turn, we make an effort in finding a permanent home for them, as well as to help the local population with taking care of their pets.


Our Goals

Not-for-Profit Status​

We started the process of obtaining a Non-for-Profit organization status in the United States. The process for doing it in Honduras proved to be too complicated and costly. At the moment, our legal status is Honduran registered corporation.

Fund Raising

We raise funds to run the shelter. To help local population with their pets is a very costly endeavor. We now depend on the random donations from our generous friends. Our goal is to establish a monthly membership, which would ensure the regular income we need to feed, home and provide medical care for all animals.


Our goal is to have all the animals in the shelter adopted as soon as possible. We can provide them a comfortable place to live in while we take care of their health issues, spay or neuter them , give them basic training and lot of love. But ultimately, each pet needs a permanent home. If any of our animals cannot be adopted, they have a home with us. We are a NO KILL SHELTER.


The overall long-term goal of the organization is to change the attitudes of the local population towards pets. It includes regular spaying and neutering of all pets and the use of tick and flea preventative for heartworm disease and Erlichiosis. Equally important is the treatment of all of the animals that currently have either of these illnesses. Sadly, there is a reluctance of many locals to spay and particularly to neuter their pets.